William Devane

First Look: Silver

Rosland Capital’s new silver commercial spot has been completed. Get a first look below as William Devane discusses how silver can benefit your net wealth!

New Video: Control the Money in Your Retirement

Here’s a look at another one of the new Rosland Capital commercials that were just completed. William Devane talks about controlling what you can control by backing your IRA with gold and silver.

New Commercial: Presidential Election

William Devane returns as Rosland Capital spokesman in a new round of Rosland Capital commercials. The first, is “Presidential Election”. With the future of the country at stake – do two things: vote, and buy gold and silver from Rosland Capital.

William Devane’s Spot Promoting the Silver Maple Leaf for Charity

Rosland Capital released their latest television ad this week featuring spokesman William Devane. The spot highlights the Rosland Capital partnership with Fisher House Foundation and Valour Place. Each sale of a silver maple leaf coin will result in a $1 donation to Fisher House and Valour Place.

Rosland Capital’s New TV Spots

Rosland Capital recently released a new set of television commercials, featuring spokesman and “24” star William Devane. Rosland Capital continues to serve as an industry leader in the precious metals business, providing fast and reliable service to its customers.

The spots were filmed by Intermedia Advertising, and took place in the town of Calabasas, at Calabasas Country Club and in Glendora.

Here are just a couple of the new Rosland Capital ads.