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Promoting Gold for 2019

Why Now Could Be a Great Time to Own Gold

When you’re involved with the precious metals industry, you have to learn to take the long view.

Prices will change from day to day, but buying gold today isn’t about eking out a small profit tomorrow or next week. In uncertain times, gold can provide us with a measure of financial security — and uncertainty can strike next week, next year, a decade from now, or even further in time.

Take a look at this chart and see if you can identify those periods of uncertainty:


Source: Rosland Capital.

In 2006 and 2007, the price of gold surged as markets began waking up to the reality of an economy built on bad debts. From 2009 through 2011, a shaky recovery didn’t seem convincing enough to draw buyers towards other asset classes, and gold enjoyed three years of strong growth.

Prices seemed to have gotten into a slump, particularly with a 22% drop in 2013, but then gold  increased in value by 22% just between May 22 and September 4, 2019.

And, as noted earlier, you have to take the long view:

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 9.50.38 AM.png

Source: Rosland Capital.

Since 2000, the global economy has endured a dot-com crash, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, a subprime mortgage crisis that nearly led to a second Great Depression, the Eurozone debt crisis, the 2011 Japan earthquake (and subsequent nuclear plant meltdown), a number of other multibillion-dollar natural disasters, and most recently, an escalating trade war between the United States and some of its most critical trading partners.

In spite of — or because of — all this instability, since 2000, gold prices have grown at an average rate of over 9% per year, as you can see in the first chart. This is still true in 2019, as the annualized growth rate, from 2000’s starting price of $285 to the current price of $1,538, works out to 9.28% per year, virtually identical to the 9.31% from 2000 to the end of 2018.

We often hear that gold isn’t as good as stocks when it comes to helping build a secure nest egg. When you look at the price on the S&P 500 Total Return Index, which includes dividends, it might seem like gold has been left in the dust since the turn of the century:

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 9.51.35 AM.png

Source: Yahoo! Finance.

The index’s starting price at the turn of the 21st century was about $2,070. Today, it’s at $5,993. In 19 years, the supposed gold standard (pun intended) for dividend-paying stock indices has produced average growth of 5.76% per year. By this measure, you’d have left a lot of gains on the table by going with stocks rather than gold.

So, after 19 years of relative outperformance, why should we look at 2019 as a great opportunity to buy gold?

It all goes back to where we started: gold may help defend your assets against uncertainty, and we’ve already seen seeds planted that could grow into significant geopolitical and economic instability in the near future. Deloitte’s weekly economic update has highlighted several reasons for concern in August:

  • Escalating trade war between the U.S. and China
  • Inconsistent Federal Reserve actions
  • General recession fears
  • An inversion in bond yields (a reliable recession predictor)
  • China’s economic slowdown
  • Weakness in European economies
  • A no-deal Brexit

These are all easily verifiable issues that have come to the fore in 2019, and at least some are likely to continue impacting the global economy in 2020 and beyond.

It’s an uncertain world. How will you prepare?

Marin Aleksov waits for a serve at the International Tennis Federation's (ITF's) Client Cup tournament.

Rosland’s Marin Aleksov at the ITF Client Cup

Wimbledon wasn’t the only tennis tournament taking place in London this past July. On July 11, as competition at the All England Club neared its end, nearly two dozen teams — comprised of leaders from the International Tennis Federation (ITF) roster of clients and corporate partners — took to the courts just a few miles down the road at the Bank of England Sports Ground.

The ITF Client Cup featured several grass courts for friendly but determined tennis play, and Rosland Capital’s CEO Marin Aleksov participated in the event. Players took to the courts in the classic all-white ensemble familiar to Wimbledon watchers for several hours of team-based contests.

Marin Aleksov waits for a serve at the International Tennis Federation's (ITF's) Client Cup tournament.

Rosland Capital CEO Marin Aleksov waits for the ball at the ITF Client Cup.

Rosland Capital CEO Marin Aleksov returns serve at the ITF Client Cup.

Rosland and the ITF forged a partnership in 2019, which has thus far produced two beautiful limited-edition collectible coins: the 2019 Fed Cup 1/4-Ounce Gold Coin and the 2019 Davis Cup 1/4-Ounce Gold Coin. Much like Rosland’s partnerships with the PGA Tour and Formula 1, its ITF collaboration will commemorate milestones and key events ITF hosts, including the two most notable team competitions in pro tennis.

Marin enjoyed the contest in London and is eager to continue building Rosland’s relationship with the International Tennis Federation. Tennis fans and gold buyers alike can look forward to more beautiful precious-metal collectibles honoring the ITF in the future.

Marin Aleksov and Jackie Stewart pose with a limited-edition gold coin donated to Stewart's Race Against Dementia charity.

Rosland Capital Supports Jackie Stewart’s Race Against Dementia

Rosland Capital and CEO Marin Aleksov recently participated in a fundraising event for Formula 1 legend Sir Jackie Stewart’s Race Against Dementia charity.

The event, held in Monaco to coincide with the Monaco Grand Prix weekend, featured a one-kilogram gold coin from Rosland, minted with Sir Jackie’s racing-era likeness and signature on the front and the classic Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse side.

Only two of these coins will ever be minted. The first was auctioned in Monaco to benefit Race Against Dementia’s mission of finding better treatments, and an eventual cure, for dementia, which afflicts nearly 47 million people around the world today. The remaining coin, the last of its kind and a truly unique collectible, can be seen on Rosland’s website. It includes commemorative packaging, a certificate of authenticity signed by Sir Jackie Stewart, statements of fineness, weight, and proof, and a signature of the authorized Swiss assayer.

Marin Aleksov and Jackie Stewart pose with a limited-edition gold coin donated to Stewart's Race Against Dementia charity.

Rosland CEO Marin Aleksov and Sir Jackie Stewart pose with the 1-kilo coin in Monaco.

Rosland’s donated coin was won at auction by former Formula 1 driver Eddie Irvine, with all proceeds going to Race Against Dementia. All told, the Monaco event raised nearly $400,000 for the battle against dementia.

Appearing at the event alongside Sir Jackie, Marin Aleksov said:

“We’re passionate about supporting innovative charities and very excited to collaborate with Sir Jackie Stewart and Race Against Dementia to raise funds for a worthy cause. Sir Jackie Stewart is an icon of motorsport, with a lifetime of achievements; he has effectively used his profile away from the circuit to raise awareness for dementia research. There’s no better way to honour him than in gold, and no better place to auction this unique piece than in Monaco, the crown jewel of the Formula 1 World Championship. I would also like to thank Formula 1 for their support in this charity contribution; it’s fantastic when partners come together to support causes that are important to the Formula 1 community.”

Check out Race Against Dementia’s recap of the event, which includes a number of pictures of the auctioned coin, as well as photos of Marin Aleksov and Sir Jackie Stewart:

Amber Lounge, Monaco (Race Against Dementia news)

Rosland Capital releases new Presidents Cup Collection

This month Rosland Capital unveiled an exclusive new collection celebrating the PGA TOUR. The first coin to be released as part of this new series is the Presidents Cup coin, commemorating the U.S. team’s victory at Liberty National Golf Club last year. Including 1.5 ounce coins available in both gold and silver, the coins are offered together in a limited edition set of 500.

Each coin is considered legal tender, with the gold coin minted in 999.9 fine gold at a 40mm diameter and the silver coin featuring 999.0 fine silver at a slightly larger 50mm diameter. Both are minted by PAMP SA at their highest level of quality as proofs. The packaging for each coin contains further information on the competition, listing team members along with the Captains and Assistant Captains from both the U.S. and International teams. The New York skyline and Statue of Liberty feature on the front of the packaging, showcasing the unique view of Manhattan from Liberty National Golf Club.

Commenting on the new collection, Rosland Capital CEO Marin Aleksov stated:

“Recognizing that the PGA TOUR’s goal is to entertain and inspire fans, create outlets for volunteers to give back, generate significant charitable and economic impact in host communities, and grow the game of golf and provide opportunities for PGA TOUR players, we’re truly honored to have been chosen to play a part in this great team.”

For more information about this new exclusive collection from Rosland Capital, visit the Presidents Cup coin page and find more information about Rosland Capital on CoinWeek.

Featured Coin – Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin

First minted in 1989, the Austrian Philharmonic gold coin was initially created in just two sizes, a one troy ounce version and a quarter ounce, each minted in 99.99% pure gold. When first introduced, the Philharmonic was valued at 2,000 Austrian schillings, later changed to one hundred euros in 2002. Popular among bullion coins, the Philharmonic was declared the world’s best-selling gold coin by the World Gold Council in 1992, 1995, and 1996.

Since it’s first minting, the Philharmonic has retained its distinctive imagery depicting instruments from the famous orchestra. The reverse features four violins, a harp, a bassoon, and a Vienna horn, while the obverse is filled with the pipe organ from Vienna’s concert hall.


Additional sizes of the coin were produced beginning in 1991 with the introduction of a one tenth coin; a one half ounce coin followed in 1994. Several other unique sizes have been created since, including a commemorative 15th anniversary version of the coin in one thousand ounces, of which only fifteen were minted. A 20th anniversary coin was minted at 20 ounces, also in a limited production run. Finally, a 25th anniversary version at just 1/25 of an ounce was introduced in 2014. In 2008, the Austrian Mint began production of a silver version of the coin.

Get more information about the Austrian Philharmonic gold coin and other bullion coins in both gold, silver, and platinum from Rosland Capital. Many of these coins are also eligible for inclusion in Rosland Capital precious metals-backed IRAs.

Rosland Capital Introduces new Circuit of the Americas Collection

Rosland Capital has unveiled a new coin to commemorate America’s first purpose-built Formula One circuit: the Circuit of Americas coin, available exclusively from Rosland Capital. Beginning construction in 2011, the Circuit of the Americas was completed in 2012, featuring a Grand Plaza, 3.4 mile track, and a 251 feet observation tower captured on the face of the coin. Since its opening, the Circuit of the Americas has hosted concerts in the Austin360 Amphitheater, MotoGP races for the Motorcycle Grand Prix of the Americas, and Formula One races for the United States Grand Prix.

The Circuit of the Americas coin collection features a 2.5 ounce coin in both gold and silver. The gold version is a limited edition run, with only 250 minted by Swiss-based PAMP SA. The reverse face of the coin showcases the signature COTA observation tower, while the obverse features Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Each coin comes with protective packaging, a statement of fineness, and certificate number.

Of the new COTA collection, Rosland Capital CEO Marin Aleksov remarked:

“What has been created at COTA, especially that wonderful iconic tower, is a lesson to us all in what can be achieved with focus and determination. We wanted to celebrate that achievement with coins of the highest design and production quality, as befits the Circuit of The Americas.”

For more information about this exclusive collection, visit the Rosland Capital Circuit of the Americas coin page. To learn more about the Circuit of the Americas, visit the official website.

Interview – Marin Aleksov Discusses Rosland Capital and Life as an Entrepreneur

As the CEO of Rosland Capital, and with long-standing involvement in the precious metal industry, Marin Aleksov has grown accustomed to being swift with his decision-making. Responsible for leading and advising a nimble team of sales people, Aleksov understands the importance of agility within an extremely dynamic market. In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Aleksov touched on his leadership within the Rosland Capital team and what keeps his entrepreneurial mind at work.

It is common knowledge, especially in business, that a team is only as strong as its weakest member. Luckily for Rosland Capital, Marin Aleksov spends ample time advising and strengthening internal teams and sales people, both new and seasoned. Even though Aleksov practices an open door policy with the newest members of the team, he prefers to get out of his office and spend time with the sales team. Not only does this provide essential learning opportunities and knowledge-sharing with the team, but it allows Aleksov to better advise and understand the day-to-day, ground level changes within the market.

Marin Aleksov is no stranger to emphasizing the empowerment and strength of the Rosland Capital team, specifically at the individual level. Aleksov acknowledged that a main component to growing a business, and a pivotal role in Rosland Capital’s success, lies within recognizing the potential in people. As opposed to multiple versions of the assumptive ideal employee, the diversity of the Rosland Capital team is a key strength within the current standing and the future of the company.

“I try to see the potential in people, rather than just focusing on their history and background. That has helped me build a world-class group from disparate backgrounds, rather than an assembly of people with matching resumes.”

Leaning on these talented people surrounding him, Marin Aleksov utilizes the Rosland Capital team to enact and bring life to his own entrepreneurial ideas.

Much like the advisement role Marin Aleksov takes on within Rosland Capital, he also takes the time to provide insight on how he would advise his younger self. A potential note to other budding entrepreneurs, Aleksov made a point to stress the importance of self-trust and self-awareness. According to Aleksov, “I’d tell my younger self to trust himself and strike off on his own earlier. We all feel insecure some of the time – we lack confidence in our own abilities – and we wait for right moment to try something new, which may never come.”

Featured Coin – Austrian One Ducat Gold Coin

The Austrian One Gold Ducat coin has an extensive history dating back to the twelfth century, when it was originally minted for Roger II of Sicily. Originally created with an image of Jesus on the coin, the Gold Ducat was not produced in Austria itself until the 16th century, when it became the official legal tender of Austria. While intended to expire as legal tender in 1858, Austrian Emperor Franz Josef I approved the Ducat as a trade coin in 1857 to be used in overseas purchases. The coin was continuously produced until the start of World War I disrupted production in 1915, marking the last year of authentic Austrian Ducat coins.

The Austrian coat of arms, featuring the double-headed eagle

The obverse face of the coin depicts Austrian Emperor Franz Josef I, who ruled Austria and Hungary until his death in 1916. The reverse side features the Hapsburg dynasty symbol of the double-headed eagle, originally from the Holy Roman Empire. Each coin is minted in 23.75 carat gold, and the official gold content was set at .1106 troy ounces in 1779. Learn more about this historical gold coin at Rosland Capital.

Rosland Capital Debuts new Williams 40th Anniversary Coin Collection

Rosland Capital has debuted a new exclusive coin to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Williams Racing. Designed in collaboration with the Williams Racing team, the coin honors a history of excellence from one of Formula 1’s most successful racing teams. Winning 16 FIA Formula One Championship titles, Williams Racing has received nine titles for constructors and seven for drivers.

The coin collection is comprised of one 2.5oz coin available in both gold and silver. Only 240 gold coins will be available for purchase, each of which includes a silver coin as part of the collectible set for no additional cost. Minted by the Commonwealth Mint, each coin features Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse side and includes a certificate of authenticity. 400 individual coins as part of the Williams Racing silver collection have been made available for individual purchase.

Remarking on the new collaborative collection, Rosland Capital CEO Marin Aleksov stated:

Williams has become synonymous with success, innovation and courage throughout its glorious history in Formula 1. As such, we are thrilled to be able to contribute to the ’40 Years of Williams’ celebrations. We wanted to reflect the same level of quality and detail that goes into everything Williams does in these coins, something that I feel has been achieved via the expert artistry of our partners at the Commonwealth Mint. We know how important the work of Sir Frank and everyone at Williams has been not only to Formula 1 but to all of motorsport in general and we therefore feel very privileged to have been asked to produce this special range of coins in the team’s honour. This is truly a project that we are extremely proud to be associated with and we continue to wish the entire Williams family further success in the future.

For more information about this exclusive coin set, visit the Rosland Capital F1 Collection.

Rosland Capital Releases Commemorative Ayrton Senna Gold and Silver Coins

Rosland Capital unveiled the Ayrton Senna gold and silver coin collection at the 2017 Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix in May. The collection was designed in collaboration with the Ayrton Senna Institute to honor Ayrton Senna, the famous Brazilian driver who had his first landmark win 30 years ago at the Monaco Grand Prix. 

Rosland Capital CEO Marin Aleksov presented the collection to Ayrton’s niece, Bianca
Senna, as part of a series of celebratory events that recognized the first of his record six wins in Monte Carlo.

The collection includes 180 2.5 oz gold and 300 2.5 oz silver coins, as well as six 30 oz gold coins in celebration of the special 30th anniversary. Minted by Swiss-based PAMP S.A., each coin is individually crafted and displays an image of Ayrton Senna. A share of the proceeds will directly benefit the foundation.

“We are honored to be part of this wonderful celebration of the anniversary of Ayrton Senna’s first win in Monaco thirty years ago,” said Aleksov. “We know how important his legacy is to all Formula 1 –and indeed all sport – fans – and as such we feel very privileged to have been asked by the Ayrton Senna Foundation to produce this special range of gold and silver coins.”

This is the second year that Rosland Capital has partnered with Formula 1. In 2016, Rosland Capital was named the official distributor of the Formula 1® Coin Collection.

For more information, go to