Rosland Capital and The British Museum: Past and Future Collaborations

Over the last several years, Rosland Capital has aligned itself with a number of esteemed businesses and organizations, like F1 and the PGA Tour, to create exclusive coin collections in celebration of their successes and the history associated with their brands. One of our most exciting relationships has been with the British Museum, a London-based institution dedicated to showcasing some of human history’s most interesting and culturally significant artifacts.

Our Previous Collection

In 2018, Rosland released a series of coins licensed by the British Museum that depicted various helmets from the Museum’s collection, including helmets from ancient Greece, Rome, and Anglo-Saxon England. Below are pictures and descriptions of each of the coins released:

The Greek Helmet

This coin depicts a bronze Corinthian helmet from ancient Greece that dates back to around 460 BC. On the edge of the helmet is an inscription written by an Argive warrior dedicating it to Zeus as spoil won in a battle against the Corinthians.


Greek Helmet ¼ oz Gold Coin


Greek Helmet 1.5 oz Silver Coin

Greek Helmet

Greek Helmet—Inspiration Behind the Above Coins

The Gladiator Helmet

This coin depicts a bronze Roman gladiator helmet that dates back to the 1st century. It is believed to have been found in the gladiator’s barracks in Pompeii, Italy, and in addition to a medallion of Hercules on the forehead of the helmet, its design features a grille of circular links and a broad brim to protect the face and sides of the head.

British Museum Gold Coin 2 Reverse 1.5oz

Gladiator’s Helmet ¼ oz Gold Coin


Gladiator’s Helmet 1.5 oz Silver Coin

Roman gladiator helmet

Gladiator Helmet—Inspiration Behind the Above Coins

The Sutton Hoo Helmet

This coin depicts a 7th century helmet that was discovered at the archaeological site Sutton Hoo in Suffolk, England. It is believed to have belonged to an Anglo-Saxon ruler, and in its original condition, it featured a three-dimensional snake and a winged creature across the crest and face of the helmet.

British Museum Gold Coin 3 Reverse 1-4oz

Anglo-Saxon Sutton Hoo Helmet ¼ oz Gold Coin

Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon helmetThe Sutton Hoo helmet as it would have appreared

Sutton Hoo Helmet (today vs. what it would have looked like in the 7th century)—Inspiration Behind the Above Coins

Our Upcoming Releases

We have an exciting new coin that will soon be released as part of our continued collaboration with the British Museum. This new silver coin will depict one of the Lewis Chessmen, a walrus ivory game piece found as part of a mysterious hoard on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland sometime before 1831. It is believed that the Chessmen—of which there are 93 known existing pieces—may have belonged to a Norwegian trader and could date back to 1150-1200 AD.

Here is a sneak peek at the Lewis coin and its inspiration:

248200 MTB-BM Reverse Silver 2.5ozClose up on Chessmen


We at Rosland Capital are grateful for our ongoing relationship with the British Museum, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else lies in store for our shared collection in the future.


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