Marin Aleksov and Rosland Capital to Walk for Warriors

Walk for Warrios Marin Aleksov

Marin Aleksov and employees from Rosland Capital will participate in the Walk for Warriors Memorial Day 5K on May 26th in Los Angeles, California. Walk for Warriors | Marin Aleksov

The walk will honor those who have served and those currently serving in the United Stares Armed Forces and will help veterans who come back from service and find themselves homeless. The walk is put on by New Directions, a non-profit that provides services to veterans. The organization aids more than 600 men and women each year and more than 225 veterans receive care at five treatment centers.

This will be the 4th Annual Memorial Day Walk for Warriors 5k Run/Walk on the Veterans Affairs Campus in West Los Angeles.

Individuals, businesses and organizations can get involved by forming a team and recruiting co-workers, family or friends. Donations can also be made to the event if participation is not possible. Businesses and individuals cna also become event sports or buy a booth for promotion.


Donate to the Rosland Capital team.


Marin Aleksov and Rosland Capital to Walk for Warriors

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