Marin Aleksov’s Rosland Capital Stresses Importance of Diversifying with Precious Metals in 2014

CEO Marin Aleksov and Rosland Capital recently released the following information on asset diversification.

A well-diversified portfolio is as critical as ever, says Rosland Capital, the precious metal asset firm based in Santa Monica, California.

With so much uncertainty surrounding the global economy, the stability of the stock market and the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies, Rosland Capital is urging people to diversify their assets. Buying gold and other precious metals can help reduce exposure to losses from other types of investments while adding a unique level of protection to one’s savings portfolio.

“Regardless of how you view the Fed’s ‘taper,’ or whether you have a bullish or bearish outlook for the stock market in 2014, diversification remains one of the most important strategies for anyone who cares about their finances,” says Marin Aleksov, CEO of Rosland Capital. “Failing to diversify your savings with multiple types of assets leaves your nest egg at risk, which is why Rosland Capital constantly strives to teach the importance of buying precious metals.”

Rosland Capital points specifically to two major factors affecting personal wealth that need to be considered in 2014 and beyond:

Stock market volatility
The stock market has seen healthy gains over the last few years, particularly after bottoming out at the height of the Great Recession. But volatility is inevitable – and it’s a serious concern particularly for those who are nearing retirement. As history has shown, stock market decline can rapidly erase large portions of retirement accounts with little warning. Those with upcoming retirement plans have the most to lose when that happens, as stock market decline can mean postponing retirement for several years.

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Marin Aleksov’s Rosland Capital Stresses Importance of Diversifying with Precious Metals in 2014

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