Rosland Capital’s Educational Resources

In my blog post last month, I discussed some of the many philanthropic initiatives Rosland Capital has taken on since I founded the company in 2008. In addition to being dedicated to performing charity work and helping those in need, Rosland has been committed to creating supplemental informational hubs alongside our main website to aid customers in making well-informed decisions for their asset portfolios.

Here are three of the most useful educational resources Rosland has developed over the years:

Buy Gold 101

Buy Gold 101 is an educational website created by Rosland with the intention of providing a comprehensive guide to the process behind buying gold and the potential value it can bring to your finances. For those looking to learn more about the gold market, how and why gold might be added to an asset portfolio, and the specific types of gold products Rosland offers, this site is a helpful introduction to the subject.

Rosland Capital IRA

Rosland Capital IRA is another educational site produced by Rosland as a means of informing readers about precious metal IRAs. The website provides an overview of various types of individual retirement accounts and discusses how precious metal products can be used to back certain IRAs. While it does not provide tax advice for those weighing their retirement account options, it offers an informative look at how incorporating precious metals into IRAs can potentially benefit those looking to protect their retirement savings.

Rosland Capital Guide to Gold

The Rosland Capital Guide to Gold is a book that I co-wrote with John Watson in 2015 as a resource for those looking to educate themselves on the value of gold. Among other topics, the guide goes over the history of the use of gold coins across civilizations, the process of coin-grading, favorable attributes in the coins you’re considering purchasing, the potential benefits of buying gold and adding a Gold IRA to your asset portfolio, and how Rosland can help you with all of your gold-based needs.


We at Rosland are proud to not only offer our wide selection of exclusive precious metal products, but also to serve as a strong source of information on the inner workings of the precious metals world so that our customers can feel confident in the choices they make for their asset portfolios. Check out any of these three resources to learn more!

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